Chase & Chalke LiDAR Portal

Located in southwest England, the Chase & Chalke Landscape Partnership area lies within the extensive chalklands that stretch north-eastwards from the Dorset coast to Salisbury.

About the Volunteer Hub

The Chase & Chalke Volunteer Hub has been developed so that everyone can see and get easy access to all the information about our free training and volunteering opportunities across all of the Chase & Chalke projects.

When you have registered on the Chase & Chalke Volunteer Hub you are ready to start your volunteer journey by joining our Lidar Citizen Science volunteer team.

landslide point cloud vs bare earth
Lidar aircraft

What is Lidar?

Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) is method of collecting geographical point data by flying over the landscape and using laser to measure height and distance. The resulting 3-dimensional map is a precise representation of the shape of the landscape and its surface characteristics.

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Learn to use lidar data

By exploring the 3D Lidar mapping, you can identify man-made structures, see the full breadth of vegetation cover, and understand the shape of the landscape as a whole. You can digitally remove surface data to reveal long-forgotten heritage sites, such as mines or dwellings, so that archaeologists can focus their ground exploration.

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Elcombe campsite photograph
Elcombe campsite lidar

Get involved

Become a ‘citizen scientist’ and help to discover, understand, and preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the Chase & Chalke landscape, by exploring the Lidar mapping and identifying new and exciting historical sites.