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Train yourself to delve deeply into specially commissioned lidar data to help identify and map important new information about the Chase & Chalke Landscape Partnership area. Help us to uncover new evidence of ancient land use, settlements and other landscape features. Discover new and exciting archaeological features and monitor changes of the landscape through history.

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Why is it

Rapidly increasing vegetation cover is obscuring recorded and unrecorded sites. This project helps us to identify, monitor the condition and better manage new and existing archaeological remains. The archaeology of ancient fields and settlements can be hard to appreciate on the ground. Lidar can really help in our understanding and appreciation of this archaeology through incredible levels of detail and robust, innovative 3D modelling.

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Become a ‘citizen scientist’ and help to discover, understand, and preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the Chase & Chalke landscape, by exploring the Lidar mapping and identifying new and exciting historical sites.