Introductory Webinar

Thinking of joining the portal volunteer community?

Why not listen to our introductory webinar for more information and to see a demonstration of the lidar portal.

This presentation was given by Rebecca Bennett, Lidar Portal Manager, on the 30th March 2023. The slides and transcript are available for download below.

If you have any questions you can contact Rebecca via email.

Why is it

While we have hundreds of archaeological records for Cranborne Chase, many thousands more sites remain unrecorded. The traces of past human use of the land such as ancient fields and settlements can be hard to appreciate on the ground. Using lidar survey brings a new perspective on the landscape and helps us to identify, monitor the condition and better manage new and existing archaeological remains. Lidar can really help in our understanding and appreciation of this archaeology through incredible levels of detail and robust, innovative 3D modelling.

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Become a ‘citizen scientist’ and help to discover, understand, and preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the Chase & Chalke landscape, by exploring the Lidar mapping and identifying new and exciting historical sites.